Tuesday, September 20, 2011

D'Backdoor Green - Reuven Lim

The name of the building is D'Backdoor Green.

The purpose of the building is to serve the convenience of nearby citizens and industrial zone workers. There is a need for local convenience as there are no real dining options nearby except mama shops or taking a trip to Clementi Central.

The concept of the building is backdoor nature and convenience, which was chosen as it is healthy for the residents which have a large proportion of elderly and it is convenient for them not to have to travel a lot as it is difficult and inconvenient for them to have to go to Clementi Central regularly. The building is built in a grass field and has a green roof garden for residents to exercise and family bonding. The building has stone floors, wood wallpaper and a rough-stone toilet flooring to prevent slipping, which works with the greenery to create a calm natural atmosphere to suit the target audience. Other than that, the building is notable for the usage of hexagons in the exterior facade, tiling and lighting, inspired by the theme shape of SST.

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